Aleksander "Bloodface" Diokles


Name: Aleksander “Bloodface” Diokles
Concept/Bio: Merciless brigand of the seas of Maiorager.
Lifepaths: Son of a Gun, Drummer, Sailor, First Mate, First Mate, Ship’s Captain
Age : 37
Stats: Wi: B4, Pe: B6, Po: B3, Fo: B4, Ag: B4, Sp: B3, Speed Mult.: x3.5
Attributes: Ref: B4, Ste: B5, Hes: 6, Hea: B3, MW: B9, Circles: B2, Resources: B2
PTGS: Su: B3 Li: B5 Mi: B6 Se: B7 Tr: B8 Mo: B9

My mother told me to sink a hundred ships before I die and that leaves sixty-three more.
Gold and wenches keep the crew happy, but the only thing that makes me smile is the sight of spilled blood. I will kill as often as I can afford to.
Boris is getting fat and lazy, I must replace my First Mate soon.

Always gamble.
If something amuses me, do it.
Never trust a shipmate.

Traits: [Dt] Sea Legs, [Char] Incessant Tapping, [Char] Sailors Oath, [Char] Extremely Bitter, [Char] Night Owl, [Char] Reviled, [Char] Sadistic, [Char] Stern Demeanor

Skills: Brawling B2, Command B3, Conspicuous B4, Drum Maker B2, Extortion B2, Gambling B6, Intimidation B4, Oratory B2, Persuasion B5, Rigging B1, Sea-Wise B3, Seaman-Wise B3, Seamanship B4, Sing B3, Sword B5

1D Crew of the Black Reaver

2D Pirate of the Maiorager Coast (infamous)


Aleksander "Bloodface" Diokles

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