Captain Valenció Monterósa

The Captain Mage, The Scion of the High Seas, The Lord of Spells, The Seer


Character Name – Valenció Monterósa
Concept – Ship’s Captain, and Sorcerer
Lifepaths – Born Noble, Arcane Devotee, Court Sorcerer, Rogue Wizard, Weather Witch
Age – 35


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B5 B6 B3 B4 B4 B6


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Stride
B7 B4 B10 B8 5 B1 B2 7
PTGS Su: B4 Li: B7 Mi: B8 Se: B9 Tr: B10 Mo: B11

Skills -

  • Read B3, Write B2, Calligraphy B2, Research B3
  • Sea-Wise B3, Navigation B3, Cartography B2
  • Persuasion B3, Command B3, Falsehood B2, Ugly Truth B3, Etiquette B2
  • Sorcery B6, Enchanting B5, Alchemy B5, Symbology B3, Aura Reading B3, Apocalypse-Wise B3, Astrology B3, Summoning B6, Spirit Binding B3

Skills being learned -

  • Wizard’s Lab-Wise, Ship-Wise
  • Observation
  • Oratory
  • Meditation


  1. Durarara knew there would be a Hellmount here in the Chains of Magmo, I will suss out its location and prevent it from exploding.
  2. The Hellmount on Pan was triggered by a demon, I will find and destroy what ever demons are plotting the destruction of the Aquasphere here in the Chains.
  3. These Dwarves are as hard and stolid as the Chains in from which they hail, I will convince them to support me in my endeavors to avert the Apocalypse.


  1. Always couch your arguments in deep arcane mysteries.
  2. Always keep one eye on the horizon, and the other eye on the crew.
  3. Always be ready with a Fire Fan.

Gear – Gambeson Leather Armor, Clothes, Travelling Gear, Shoes, Finery, Engraved Dagger, Crystal Ball, Signet Ring, Trunk of Rare Books

Property Wizard’s Workshop (Captain Monterósa’s Laboratory) aboard The Adventure
Affiliations -

Reputations – 1D Local Reputation (Xelosian) Court Sorcerer of Kanum
RelationshipsKing Antoñio Monterósa: Father

Traits -

  • [Char] Your Lordship, [Char] Base Humility, [Char] Inscrutable, [Char] Spooky
  • [D/T] Mark of Privilege, [D/T] Gifted, [D/T]Second Sight, [D/T] Aura of Fear, [D/T] Weather Sense
  • (Xelosian) [Char] Curly Hair, [Char] Poetic, [Char] Worldly
Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 2 4 6 2 - 3 Shortest
Dagger 3 5 8 1 1 X Shortest
Spell Name Ob #actions Origin Element Duration AoE Impetus Disc
Flame Finger 3 12 Presence Fire Sustained Single Target Create Creates small Flame
Fire Fan 3^ 1 Personal Fire Inst. Presence Destroy Power5, VA2, DoF = IMS, Spear/Pistol
Falcon Skin 4 12 Personal Anima Sustained Caster Transmute Polymorph into Falcon
Mage Sense 4^ 300 Personal Anima/Arcana Sustained 10s of Paces Enhance Open 3rd Eye
Weather Worker 5 12 Sight Air/Water Hours Natural Effect Influence Influence weather +/- 3
Fear 3 1 Personal Anima Inst. Presence Influcence Make a steel test

The Captain, Lord Valenció Monterósa, is an olive-skinned man with dark eyes and straight black hair, which he wears long or gathered into a leather thong at the nape of his neck. He stands a shade under six feet tall, weighing a modest thirteen stone, however his baleful glare has been known to make men twice his size cower in fear. It suits him to adorn himself with the silks and linens of his homelands, the Kingdom of Kanum in the Floating Lands of Xelos. These he tucks into high leather boots and crosses with a wide suede belt, on which hangs an engraved stiletto blade. He is wont to stare into his crystal ball and brood over visions of ruin and destruction, or to while the hours away in his laboratory distilling elixirs and potions and fouler things. He is a driven man. Distracted in pursuit of his goals, but far from mad, the Captain is in fact terrifying in his cold and sober disposition.

He was not always such an imposing figure, yet even in his youth he was described as a solemn and forlorn child. His father Antoñio, the King of Kanum, discovered Valenció’s ‘gift’ when he was nine years old, and was overjoyed…and terrified. Young Valenció, it would seem, had what his people called, “The Sight,” he could peer beyond the thin veil which separates the etherial realm from world of the living. Not knowing what to do with Valenció himself, the King searched across the Ostward Sea for a suitable tutor for his youngest son, and eventually welcomed the esoteric Dr. Nakamura Durarara into his court as an advisor and as tutor for his son.

Over the years that followed Dr. Durarara taught Valenció how to interpret arcane languages and the secret to unlocking their power. Valenció took to his studies like a duck to water, diving into the material and voraciously seeking out more. He found that by focusing his mind he could lift that ethereal veil at will, and saw that his world was in fact bounded by arcane energy. The handiwork of spells and enchantments, as well as the mischief of spirits and demons, was evidenced throughout Xelos, and throughout the Aquasphere Valenció suspected.

When his contract expired, Dr. Durarara bid his farewell to the King, saying he had visited the wide world over his many years, and would like to return to the land that brought him in to the world. To be surrounded with children, and to visit the shrine of his ancestors, and to perhaps build a library as a gift to his people after he passed. Though Valenció was now eighteen, a man grown, their partings was hard for him. King Antoñio made a gift of a fine caravel to Dr. Durarara, along with the use of good men to sail her, and holds full of goods in thanks for years of leal service before wishing him godspeed and sending him on his way.

Valenció took over Dr. Durarara’s position as Court Advisor, and was well content to serve his father the King, and his eldest brother and heir to the throne Prince Tónio, whenever called upon to do so. He took up residence in the North Tower, and built for himself a laboratory and observatory, and began to track the migration of the Floating Lands and of the signs writ upon the Aurum. His logs grew and were eventually compiled into an almanac, and then a catalogue of astronomical findings. He began to suspect that there was some great story hidden in the lines and lines of observations in his catalogue, some larger truth that was hidden from him, no matter how fervently or frequently he lifted the veil to peer in to its secrets.

Terrible dreams began to intrude upon Valenció’s sleep, and without his tutor to help him interpret the visions, he would have to delve into them himself. Valenció crafts a crystal ball and pours in to it all of the prescience and residuum he can muster, then carves and polishes it to a fine smooth orb. When he opens his third eye and peers into the artifice Valenció is shocked to his very core at the vision which plays out before him: fire and smoke and steam, rending of flesh and gnashing of teeth. Valenció had seen the apocalypse in his bit of glass, and suddenly the loops of arcane energy suspending the Aquasphere that had seemed so benign though out his life had a suddenly sinister cast to them. It suddenly occurred to him that they may be thin and threadbare remnants, stretched beyond their limits, old and worm-eaten, vestiges of a bye-gone day.

Valenció immediately set out as soon as he could gather his things, to investigate the nature of the Aurum, of the Aquasphere, and of the ties that bind. In his last decade he has been journeying across the Ostward Seas, at times squatting and engaging in esoteric research of ancient arcane sites, at others leasing his services to captains and corsairs as a weather-witch in order to cross to the next ancient stronghold and the secrets contained therein. When happened upon by the Dwarven Shipmaster Eigon, Son of Maugon, Valenció was eager to get back to the high seas, and his offer was simply too good to refuse. Command of his own ship? Surely this was a sign from the gods that he was on the right track, and would now truly become the master of his own fate. This crew of strong men and colorful characters may well be that menagerie of fantastical creatures that repeat so prominently in his dreams. Or perhaps that is just another of Valenció’s mistaken interpretations of the shifting tableau of images in his glass. It wouldn’t be the first time that Valenció had done so, and wouldn’t be the last. In either case, this was a chance that would likely only happen once in a life time, so without hesitation Lord Valenció took the title Captain, and set sail The Adventure. A justly named vessel for what its new captain had in store…

Captain Valenció Monterósa

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