Captain Monterósa's Laboratory

Where the magic happens


Laboratory includes everything necessary for enchanting, distilling, imbuing, or examining arcane material:

  • Series of Alembics and Cucurbits of various sizes, Series of Retorts small to large
  • Beakers, Vials, Glass tubes, Graduated Cylinders, Burettes (w/appropriate stands)
  • Furnace, Oven, Braziers, Burners, Bellows, Flint sparker
  • Pestle and Mortar, Balance, Centrifuge, Files, Jars, Knives, Pins, Blotters, Pans
  • Apron, Gloves, Filter mask, Goggles
  • Screens, Filters, Sieves, Tongs,
  • Work table with smooth stone surface
  • Slate board, chalk, wax tablet, sylus, papyrus, ink & quill
  • Water reservoir, pails, basin
  • Magnifying lens, Astrolabe, Armillary, Telescope
  • Hour Glass, 10-Minute Glass, 1-Minute Glass, and 1/2-Minute Glass
  • Sandbags, Clay, Stones, Pebbles
  • Ice Chest, Storage Box, Iron ‘fire’ Box
  • Various Metals (ingots), Oils, Salts, Crystals, Rocks
  • Various Skins, Bits of Fur, Bone, Organs, Insects
  • Various Herbs, Spices, Vegetables, Leaves, Roots

The captain has acquired over the years a number of useful accoutrements to his craft as a sorcerer. The Laboratory is located within The Adventure adjacent to the captain’s quarters. The crew is wary of the Laboratory, and keep their distance when ever is possible. Rarely is the captain disturbed while engaged in the Laboratory, unless the circumstances are quite dire.

Fragile items are stowed in cotton packing, and are secured against the wall or the floor. The rarer items are under lock and key. Supplies of mundane reagents are for the moment well supplied, rarer items however are becoming more difficult to acquire…

Captain Monterósa's Laboratory

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