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The Situation


The Aquasphere
The Aurum and its Estward & Ostward Vortexes
Cultural Traits
Calendar, Weather & Seasons


The Floating Land of Maior
  • The Isle of Dan
  • The Isle of Gun
  • The Isle of Pan
The Floating Land of Maiorager
The Chains of Magmo
The Swimming Land of Tortanis
The Floating Lands of Xelos

Estward Xelos

Midward Xelos

Ostward Xelos

The Floating Land of Tab-Taban
Other Floating Isles
Floating Reefs

Groups & Organizations


  • The Adventure, a Dwarven Caravel built by Eigon
  • The Pearl, a ship captained by Lilit Atmora
  • The Filipe, a great Galleon and head of the Merchant King Eustaquio’s fleet
  • HMS Flushing, a Ruseran Navy ship hijacked by Rodrigo de Polantes

Cities & Settlements


Main Page

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