The Adventure

3-Masted Caravel
Crew & Passengers: room for 35 persons
Cargo: 100 tons
Guns: 1 front, 1 rear, 2 port, 2 starboard (6 total, max 8)
Sailing speed: 72 miles/day baseline (about 25 weeks to circumnavigate the Aquasphere at its equator)
Staterooms: Four (one has been outfitted as a Wizard’s Laboratory)

Surface / Breach / Destroyed
SBD = G4/G8/G13
Integrity B3
+1 Pilot die

Alternate Naval Combat Rules

Eigon’s Manifest

3 months supply (in casks and barrels) of:
salt-cured meats
citrus fruits
fresh water
cheese in wax

other supplies & tools:
5 chickens
1 goat (“Barnaby”)
casks of tar/pitch
casks of lantern oil
several tons of rope (from twine and thread all the way to hawsers)
extra sailcloth
several tons of timber
casks of nails
gaffs, boathooks, marlinspikes
fishing gear, nets, poles
crew hammocks
several tons of iron chain
assorted bowls and cups
2 row boats (each can hold maybe a dozen men)
boarding ladders/gangplanks

Navigation tools (including maps and instruments)
Carpentry tools (saws and hammers)
Observation tools (spyglass)
Gambling tools (dice and cards)
Ship Management tools (logbooks, ink and quill)

armaments, test for depletion after each engagement:
chain shot
round shot

6 light cannons:
Bow: “Declaration”
Starboard: “Logic” and “Reason”
Port: “Debate” and “Discourse”
Aft: “Concession”

Light Cannon
IMS = G4/G8/G12
DoF = 1-4/5/6

Round Shot
Standard naval cannon ammunition
No penalty or bonus

Chain Shot
Dual ball and chain shot designed for shredding enemy masts
+2 Ob to hit when targeting a mast (or similar target); tears apart masts but does no damage to the ship, imposes a cumulative +1 Ob for the targets positioning test, this caps at half of the ships base Integrity

The Adventure

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