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Burning Aquasphere

A Burning Wheel Adventure upon the High Seas

Our story focuses on the ship and crew of The Adventure, a triple masted caravel of dwarven design equipped with the finest fighting iron that silver can buy. She is captained by the Captain Mage Valenció Monterosa, a half-mad noble obsessed with visions of apocalypse glimpsed in his crystal ball. Her first mate is Maelstromos, a man of regal bearing and good birth who has earned a living with his mouth throughout his life as a solicitor and as a performer and as a fixture in court, only to be outcast and dispossessed of his inheritance by his uncle. The ship’s master is its craftsman, Eigon, Son of Maugon, a rebel amongst Dwarven-Kind for his love of the open water. The crew are managed by the half-giant islander Sanga the Ox, a savage in some eyes, though possessing of a low-cunning and sharp wit, he has earned the trust of the officers and of the men through his courage and determination.

The Adventure sails upon the Ostward Seas, a region of the Aquasphere: a planet sized bubble of air within the bottomless seas of the elemental plane of water. Some great mass of unknown power radiates within the air pocket, known as the Aurom, giving light and warmth to the surface waters of the Aquasphere. Coral reefs, volcanic eruptions, continental shelves, ice flows, giant turtles, and other strangeness float freely around the inner membrane of the Aquasphere giving home to its multitude of denizens.

Such as make their home within the Aquasphere are a hardy lot, tied to the seas by their sail and wood and rope. Any people that could not only survive, but thrive, against the constant threat of destruction by pirates and corsairs, by giant ne’er ending storms, by krakens, by leviathans, by incursion from neighboring elemental planes such as salt or steam into their waters, must be a determined and resourceful type. Elsewise they are as you might find people anywhere, some are bold and some are meek, some are wise and others are dullards, great heroes and monstrous villains all.

Into this breach the Captain Mage sets sail, his crew eager for adventure and lusty for glory. Valenció has seen a vision of destruction within his crystal ball. A horror of flame and steam, a boiling of the seas, the sky collapsing into the very plane of water suspending it since time immemorial. He is determined to discover the secrets of the Aurom, and forestall if not circumvent the coming of the apocalypse. His crew know little and less of the dangers that await them, however, the die has not yet been cast. What awaits only time will tell!

Burning Aquasphere

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